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La Salle Study Centre – 4th Quarter Report 2014

Greetings from La Salle Brothers’ Residence, Petaling Jaya.  Peace and Joy is within you. 

Wow, how time flies by.  My teaching and community development activities in Changjiao for 2014 came to an end in mid November.  I was in Manila for the Brothers’ Assembly at the beginning of December and now I am back in Malaysia for my annual end of year Christmas Holiday. 

I wish to begin this end-of-year report by thanking the Good Lord for many blessings LSSC received throughout this year and I want to thank all of you who keep LSSC in your prayers so that this little flame in Changjiao glows slowly  in the service of youth and the development of the local community.  I know I am not on this journey alone and so I want to thank all Lasallians – present students and teachers, former students and teachers, parents and benefactors – for your moral, financial and spiritual support.

For this report, I have decided to let others tell their stories of their “encounters and experiences” at LSSC Changjiao.  On my part, I want to relate just one touching incident.  As usual, after the Summer Programme and towards the end of September I gave out University Fees Subsidies to local village students.  A university student who had just completed her General Degree and had qualified to pursue an Honour Degree leading to a Master’s Degree, did not come back to assist me during the summer as she had secured a “working experience job”.  I met her father in October and offered to continue giving her the Uni Fees Subsidy of RMB5000.  I was deeply touched when the father, a rural postman, thanked me for the offer but declined taking the money.  He said, “My eldest daughter, whom you also supported, and I are now able to pay for my younger daughter to continue her university studies.  Please support another student who needs the subsidy.”  I thank God for that encounter that supports my conviction that people change can take place when basic needs have been met.  The poor and needy have the capacity to be thankful and grateful for the assistance that lifts them out of the vicious circle of poverty and empower their determination to build a better life through self sacrifice and hard work. 

As I have been reporting quarterly for 12 years I feel it is time that others take part in the reporting too.  When you have time to spare, please open the attachments (Reflections) (Snip-Bits) to see what others have to say about LSSC Changjiao.  The first attachment is a collection of “snip-bits” from all the volunteers and students and the second is the full original text.

I thank this opportunity to wish everyone an inspiring spiritual Advent experience leading to a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas.    Take care and God bless. 

As always with love in the service of youth and nation through DLS,



12th Dec 2014




All good things must come to an end... that better things may begin!!!
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