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Sharing of Marc K.C.Wan and Leong Lee Voon





When at first I went to the Big Apple, having heard so much about the many crime incidents, I was very fearful and. apprehensive. So in order to conquer that unknown, I made a point of visiting NY. That was the same year DAYBREAK was shown, with the Manhattan bridge and the NJ-NY TUNNEL.....and having travelled  to the unknown was a relief.  

Likewise, the travelling to Changjiao was a similar experience.......but turned out to be a very pleasant difference.........we had to recognise the very friendly and surprisingly helpful people, students and the local folks. So the Dabu book is realistically reflecting the situation as far as we could know........  

Starting from Xiamen , the bus driver was indeed helpful as he must be from the same little city and your reputation precedes you.  You are famous even with this simple we were well looked after. On arrival in Dabu, even the motocylist-taxi at the bus station knows Bai-jiang! It was a breeze getting to Dabu.......from Taipei , through Jingmen to Xiamen to destination Baijiang.  

After getting to understand a bit more of the culture, we felt very much welcomed and could feel being able to blend in with the local folks who staff your activities, especially the food chain. Of course we do feel overfed sometimes with the lavish banquet........  

Indeed we were amazed by the students discipline and guessed this is expected of them to be students of this center. In fact, there were some who were very forward and bolder to make efforts to befriend us and we do welcome these studsnts with the leadership qualities........could be that these students are more mature and we trust the others will grow these traits in the course of following your good teachings......  

Of special mention are Lucy and GenMei......these are very capable and helpful lasses, amongst the very many young maidens........wish more will be able to emulate them to carry on with the spirit of LaSalle.   

We certainly enjoyed our stay and the physical activities, climbing the Yingya hill, and the dabbling in Chinese brush painting and visiting some nearby places.......and would look forward to your welcoming us for more future summer and winter study camps.....

When back in Malaysia , do slot in a little time for us to dine you with beer , beers and more beers.......

nemo me impune laccesit
Marc Wan



All good things must come to an end... that better things may begin!!!
Fraser's Hill -1976 - BDLiao