La Salle Study Centre Changjiao

Visit of Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council Members

August  2010



Wednesday, August 18, 2010 8:41 AM
Visit to Changjiao LSSC 

Dear All, 

Four LEC members (Measure Hung, Victor Ling, Michael Tse and myself) together with one family member (Victor's daughter) visited Bro David's La Salle Study Centre in Changjiao, Dabu, Meizhou two weeks ago during the first half of the Centre's Summer English Programme.  

This year's Programme attracted almost 300 students, from Secondary 1 to University level. It is a 4 week intensive English programme divided into four levels. A lot of the senior level students are doing the programme for the third or fourth year and they all show greater confidence in learning and using the language.

The first class, for Level 1, starts at 7 am with Bro David doing the teaching. The class then breaks into small groups of 5 or 6 students with a senior volunteer leading and drilling the students in practising what they have learned. The whole process repeats itself for each level until about 11.30 am when the Centre breaks for lunch. Students of the lower levels return home for the day. The senior level students return to do more study in the afternoon. Indeed as they have to help in the tutoring of the younger students as volunteers, they are provided with board and lodging (rather basic) in the Centre if they do not live in the village. There are occasional evening activities (games and drama), in English, in the Centre to build up an English learning environment for the students. Apart from the senior students, there are also external volunteers from Bro David's Lasallian connections. This year there are 3 teachers and five Form-6 students from Hong Kong (majority from La Salle College) helping out with the programme.

It was quite an eye-opener to see the LSSC in operation. The students come from villages and cities in the vicinity. They do not need to pay any fee (so Bro David is not beholden to the parents if the children misbehave or do not study hard and have to be expelled). The students on the whole are serious about learning. Bro David does most of the teaching with occasional support from volunteer teachers. Seeing him in action reminds us of the La Salle Brothers who taught us before - typical Lasallian commitment and dedication to the interests of their students.  The senior students are eager and confident to share their knowledge of English with the junior students. As for the volunteers from Hong Kong, the experience of living in a village environment devoid of modern urban amenities and with children of a totally different background is a rewarding experience. We witnessed some tearful farewells between the Hong Kong volunteers and the local students. The whole programme is infused with the Lasallian spirit of faith (not in the religious sense, but in the belief of what one is doing), service and community.

You can view some photos of this year's summer programme by clicking the following link:





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