La Salle Study Centre Changjiao

Some Thoughts and Reflections of Students Who Attended the
2009 Summer Reading Programme






My impression of LSSC Program 2009

How time flies Tomorrow will be the last day of LSSC Summer program 2009 and it is also may be my last time to be a student in LSSCItís time to say goodbye, but I still will smile. I believe this separation is prepared for next gathering. Looking back the 19 days, what I gain here are friendship and passion of learning English. 

Compared with last three yearsí programs, this yearís is small scale and quiet. Here is no active HK boys, no creative foreigners, but native, diligent students are still here. We are a large and sweet family. We learn from each other, encourage each other and share different ideas with each other. BDís lessons are always funny and meaningful. BD never teaches us English, he just teaches us how to learn English and how to be a positive person. Do you know the machine cat Doraemon? BD is the Doraemon of us. His chubby body, round face and big smile are the same with Doraemon. He also has the magic power, he always encourages us and helps us to over come the difficulties. Thank God, we have such a cute Doraemon with us. 

Though the time is short, it is enough for us. BD has shown the way to us how to learn and speak English. We can follow the way and learn it by ourselves. Itís a fruitful and meaningful summer. Thank you BD. We can do it.

 Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow will be better.


Dear BD,

Thank you for teaching us three weeks interesting lessons. I have learned many things in this three weeks. You give us opportunity to stand up and talk. And I tried my best to talk. I found that I have improved a lot in my oral English. And also I am more brave than before. Two years ago, I dare not imagine that I can talk to all of you in English! But now, thatís not only my dream, I have made this dream come true! I am so proud of myself.

Yes, I know English is a language, we just need to speak out. But the ability to do the Chinese English examination is also very important. It decides us enter to which university. This year, your lessons more closer to our examinations. So thatís very good. How to write an English article is a part of our lesson in our school. And thatís the most difficult part to practice. 

At last, I hope you healthy forever and happy everyday.


Your student

Although 10% of your life that you canít change, you need to control the 90% that left. A saying learnt from Brother David that reminds me all the time when I get into trouble.

Brother David, a kind-hearted man who tries his best to support us a lot, taught us how to live, how to be a man. After staying and living with Brother in this short month, my English improve a lot, change into a girl who can speak English more confident from an ďEnglish dummyĒ.

To be honest, there is no stress to live here and our money which was given by our parents is useless at all. Brother not only teaches us what he knows but also provide daily use and meal which available for us to live here.

Changjiao, a small mountainous area, becoming famous in Dabu because this kind-hearted man who runs the English course for free almost ten years. If I havenít been here, I can hardly believe that there is a man who can give up his personal benefit and do all the things to help others, exist in the world. I was surprised by knowing that most of the roads and bridges nearby are built by Brother, all of the students in this town can have scholarship from him.

Still remember, once I asked Brother whether he is a rich man, the answer is no, but how can he have such a lot money without working in this old age. He said because he is a professional beggar. He has thick skin. I was moving at that moment.

He also told us, money is not the most important things in our life, but the thinking is, once you make up your mind, money will not be a problem.

Somebody in our live always invest products which they think can earn a lot of money to satisfy themselves, but Brother prefer to invest people, who can contribute themselves to the society but not him in the future when they have ability.

It seems that many students and friends of him are willing to pay for him of what he wants, because Brother once help them when they are in need.

There is no free lunch in the world, the third day I lived here, there was an English teacher asked me a question that what do I think about this saying. I said that, now, as a student without any income, what I can do is helping others who in need and try my best to learn English, but in the future when I have ability, I also want to devote myself to this world as Brother, since we all long for a better world.

I call this program as ďEnglish Summer CampĒ and treat it as one of the sociality practice because I want to tell others that I have a satisfy summer holiday which was given by Brother.

At last, I want to say something to Brother, take care of yourself, remember that you are not a machine, you canít work all the time without rest. We all feel ashamed when we hear you are working until midnight and have addition class beside ours in the other side when we are staying in bed.

Olivia 李菲

Today is the last day that I study in LSSC. In these days, I am very happy that I have this chance to study with Brother David. But it has a pity that I didnít live in there. Itís not a big problem. In there, I learned something that I canít learn in school. Brother is a good teacher. He also teach us something in society. Thatís my big treasure. I enjoy his classes.

There are some words in my heart that I canít say it with language. Itís doesnít matter. I will remember this summer forever. Formerly, I always didnít open my mouth to talk with others use English. But now, I can talk with Brother use English. Itís not a problem although I canít speak fluency.

Thatís my progress Brother said you didnít think any more, just say what you think. It doesnít matter. You didnít think about solecism. Try your best to say it. Now, I found his words was right jus say what you think. You will improve your spoken language. Thatís true. 

Sometimes I didnít understand what Brother said. It doesnít matter. I try my best to feel the meaning. I didnít afraid when I didnít understand what he say now. The first day, I was nervous. Because sometimes I didnít understand what he said. Then I afraid he will ask me the question. That isnít a problem now.

La Salle center like a book. It teach me a lot. I will treasure it up.

Goodbye Brother David! Goodbye La Salle Center! I will come back next year! 

Luo Huixuan  罗惠旋

 Dear Mr.Liao, 

At the first, thank you for your helping. Make me learned a lot of knowledge from you. You do your best teach us every day. Your spirit affect me. I am get up at 6:30 every morning. I feel tired but I still feel happy and full of my summer holiday. Your kindness make me the world is very good.


Lucy Zhou

In this summer, I really learn a lot. Compare with last year, this year is more wonderful and meaningful, I think especially the evening program. It guide us how to face difficult, tell us we always need to be confident with ourself, and our heart must be full of love. The different with last year, we just have a piece of paper to practice the grammar. I think that itís suitable to us. But section D always too hard. 

At last, I want to say thank you to BD. BD is the greatest teacher in this world. From him. I learn how to help others, when they in trouble, if we can we should give our hands to others, because we belong to one world, we are friends. I think, LSSC will be better and better.


Dear Mr. Liao,

Thank you for your help these days. I am very happy to attend your classes. Besides, I also find that our lessons are much like oral English classes.

And your teaching is very vivid and interesting. When I hear the pronunciation of my classmates, I feel surprised. Most of them can pronounce words correctly. Nowadays, pronunciation has become a big problem for students. Most of students can read write English very well, but they canít pronounce correctly, and their oral English is not good.

In Changjiao we have a good time to practice our English. However, I also find a problem. Some of my classmates can pronounce words correctly, but when they are reading a sentence or an article, they donít know when they should stop. They just read is the same speed and tone. In my opinion, itís not so good. If you can teach us some knowledge about that,  I think we can make a new progress.


How I feel about the English course during three weeksí study in Changjiao village

I am so excited to know the news that I could study English from David Liao for the first time. I have now his name from Meizhou Daily. He was awarded as one of the ten greatest ethics models from all over Meizhou.

At the first class, I found Mr.Liao humorous and kind. Besides, his class was so interesting and vivid, especially his vivid body language.

During these three weeksí English learning, I have improved a lot in English learning and English teaching. 

First, my pronunciation is better than before.

Second, I have learnt a better way of teaching words.  David has given us a set of cards to practice how to pronounce the vocabulary. In this way, the students do not have to think over the words and just read it, which always could be correct. This method is quite useful to modern students who have problems in pronouncing the words. 

In addition, I have mastered the effective method of teaching English and how to make progress  in English, make good use of every opportunity to speak English and speak English as much a possible.

In conclusion, the greatest achievement I have made during the period is that we should dare not be afraid to open up our mouth to speak English and talk to others. If you can do this,  your English will definitely be better.

Trust in David Liao, trust in LaSalle Study Center. You wonít regret learning from David. 

Thank you very much for your great effort and I really appreciate your help David Liao.


Nolan Lan

Dear Brother

I am very thank for you to teach me many things. Because of you, I know why I am learning and what I will learn.

Firstly, I didnít like English because my English is so poor. So I canít believe myself. And there I want to give it up. But now I love English and I want to learn a lot of. That time I havenít afraided of English. You teach us that learning depend on ourselves.你说过你不能教我们如何学好,你只是教我们方法而已。

In you class, sometimes I canít understand what you say. But I think next time I will be understanding you. I hope you can explain clearly that I can easily understand.

Tomorrow I will go home, but I will miss you. You must remember me. Donít forget me.

Best wishes to you.


Xiao Yan

Dear brother

At first, thank you for your kindness. Thank you for you teaching.

The secondly, I feel my English have a big improvement, especially the sounds and grammer. Your teaching method is so effective.

The end, I think if you can set up an English corner or English study center for English teachers to give us a chance to exchange English teaching method. That will help most of children in Dabu totally. Thank you again. I want to learn from you later. See you.


Shelly Luo


In Changjiao La Salle Study Centre, I feel very happy. Because I can get many friends here. And they are enthusiastic to me. And I can also learn more English here. It can help me get a good mark. Even if I am not good at English. I donít afraid of this. Because Brother David is also not good at English. In short, I love to come here. I like here.

Time is very far, it give everyone 24 hours. Now, three weeks is gone. It give me many memories in three weeks. There are many exciting in this three weeks. For example, I make lots of friend in this year in LSSC.

In this year, our summer program only has three weeks but I think thatís okay. Never mind because I learned a lot and get a lot. Today is last one day U have a little sad. But itís okay. We still have many years and many summer holiday.

I think all of us should say thank you to Brother David, because you teach us a lot . The best important you teach us how to face the trouble or problem, remember let pressure push you, right?

I want to say something to my new friend. Maybe we only knew each other three weeks. But most of us bring lots of happy to me. I still remember good time become good memories. Bad time become good lesson.  

This yearís summer program is finish. But, in my heart I wonít forget this year


 Experience of learning English 

One day, my daughter is home to me say: ďmother, I want to go to Zhangjiao to learn English, listening to my classmate say Zhangjiao learned English, not learned words will read.Ē Listen to the daughter, I think that the teacher has a very good not to teach studentsí English learning method? With this question, I also tighter with daughter to Zhangjiao to learn English.

If so, the teacher teaches pinyin method in combination with our Lead Sound. Basic VC sounds. Basic VVC sounds etc. We can use these rules to spell words in English, now, I take a random essays can. Put it out. I want to be the teaching method of Liao teachers apply my teaching, make my students can easily read words and remember words.  

Mr. Liao is very humorous. Language body is very rich. Let a person feel imperceptible lesson again. Three weeks after the teacher, Mr. Liao soon is full of humor and affable teacher. Let a person feel to your class is a kind of enjoyment. 

Mr. Liao, from your teacher that I learned how to make it easier for students to spell words and remember words, make students think learning English is a very easy thing, let students think learning English is a kind of enjoyment.

Here I will sincerely say: ď thank you! Mr. Liao.Ē


Rose Chen(陈红花 Chen hong hua)

I just graduate this year. And I will become an English teacher in September. But my major is e-business. So I donít know what should I do as a teacher.

Through the course. I know some teaching aids. For example: Give children happier and more exciting classes.

Less ďnoĒ, more ďpraiseĒ, develop interest in English study is not very hard.

Use variety of methods. 

Learn freely. Firstly, the teacher must be free.

Suit lessons to the age of different pupils.

I am very glad I have the opportunity to join the course. The lesson Mr. Liao give us, let me have some confidence in teaching. Most important is developing my interest in teaching.

Mr. Liao. Thank you very much!


Your student,

Liao Wei.

I study English in Changjiao is three years. I think Brother Liaoís teaches way is successful. In class, he is like our friends. He is very humorous. He teaches us how to learn. He teaches us how to read and how to think, because much more is to be learned outside school by the students themselves. We can not only increase on interests in English, but also extend our vocabularies. It is really good for us. Brother Liao usually encourages us: ďcome on!Ē I want to say to Brother Liao: ď You are a good teacher, we are proud of you!Ē 


I have two years study English in Changjiao. I study English very happy, liberty in here. I like Mr.Liao. Because he give us a lecture interesting. I like Nancy, too. She is a beautiful girl. Last year summer holidays. We are classes chatting animatedly and laughing. I more and more love Changjiao. I hope come here study English. 


 This summer holiday, I studied in Changjiao. I was very happy and very enjoyed this study trip. 

I am a middle school student. Perhaps I canít study here, but Mr.gave me this chance. So, I felt very lucky, but this time different from the other times, because I can live here! Although can live here is my dream. I want to made my dream come true very much, but itís still made me very surprise. Here I learnt many news word and how to make friends with other people.  

Mr.likes our friend. He was friendly to us, he taught me English, taught me how to made friends with other people. In this time, let me felt very enrich. I had many friends here. I learnt how to washed clothes. I felt very happy.

Thank for me this study chance. I will study English very hard. Finally, I hope Mr.still happy every day.


This summer holiday, I studied English from Changjiao. And I very lucky, because I can live here.

During the study time, I was very happy, and I had a good time in the summer holiday.

In here, I learnt a lot of English. Clear off English, I learnt friendship, patience.

Thank you, Mr.Liao. This is you gave me the chance.

I love LSSC!!!


Your student

In this summer holiday, Iím was very happy and lucky. Because I can in LSSC studied English and live in here!

In my room had nine people. They are very cute. We are forever friend!

So I thank you for dear Mr.Liao. Thank you for Nancy!

I love LSSC! I love Mr.Liao!

Your student


This summer holiday. I learnt English from Changjiao. And I very lucky. Because I can live here so I felt I very lucky. 

First, I must thank you for Mr.Liao. Second, I had eight roommates. They are very friendly.哦,还要感谢Nancy godmother. 

This three weeks, I learnt many something. For example: friendship, many English, depend on oneself. 

Thank you Mr.Liao, you gave me a good chance. 

I love you, Mr.Liao! I love LSSC!


Your student


In this summer holiday, I came to Changjiao. I learnt English from here, but this time different the other time. I was very lucky, because I can live here!

In our room, I had eight roommates, they are very friendly. Although sometimes we had quarrel, but we were stole forever friends. I had three students, they are very lovely. Everyday, we were very happy!

In the three weeks. I learnt a lot of new words and learnt English better.  

So thank you for dear Mr.Liao, and then thank you for dear Nancy. 

I love Mr.Liao! I love LSSC! 

Your student





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