La Salle Study Centre Changjiao

Some Thoughts and Reflections of Students Who Attended the
2008 Summer Reading Programme




  Dear Brother Liao and friends of LSSC,

How time flies, three weeks have passed. My spoken English have become more fluent than before.

English is very important for me, my sister told me that there was an excellent English teacher, so I came here form JiangSu Province by train, I intended to spend this vacation on studying English.

First to come here, I could hardly understand any words what Brother Liao said, it felt very terribly, I didnít know what I had studied these years, but Brother Liao said, ďdo not be afraid to make mistakes, you should speak loudly and listen carefully, 20 days should be enough.Ē At that time, I told myself English must be mastered, it decided my future and I attended form class one to five everyday. Two weeks later, I felt much better and I can make a easy conversation to other friends.

Now I am leaving here, I hate to run, but I have to continue my study in my university. My thanks to Brother Liao for giving me an opportunity to study English. I have made a good progress in spoken English, but more important thing to me is, I learned how to do something and how a person I should be. I also thank uncle Wang, I knew he is an amiable person from our talking, and these days, he always asked me about my feeling and my studying and so on. I will remember all these things, they are the memory of love.

As that two songs sing, I would both love my family and try a little kindness to other people. ďNo dream no realityĒ, I remember it.


玉波  Marco                        
August 4, 2008                         

During the four weeks teaching and studying, I think I have successful and meaning days. I enjoy teaching this year. They have brought lots of happiness to me, we will find that the teaching group in this year has some differences between last year. I think the organization of this year was much better than last year. Because we can divide our own students more, we have learnt two songs Perhaps Love》《Try a little kindness. The main idea is to be a kind person with love in our heart all the time. Now weíre all lending helping hands to others. At the same time, we also receive something important, like unity, friendship, progress, harmony, and I had the chance to help, so I have got the chance to participation. Finally I feel very thankful to BD, Mr. Wang, Mrs. Wang and four foreign friends. You helped me a lot.



In my impression, Mr. Liao just like those old people, but in my heart, he is different. He always did his best to do the things that he want. Maybe his 普通话 isnít well, but he said to us: ďI am not afraid of what others say of me. I am afraid I dare not say it!Ē so he try to say in Chinese and we help him to correct his Chinese pronunciation.  Why not! we can do like that to learn English! I believe he can also we can! Just do it!



We have Mr. Liao teaches our English and little teacher help me learn English. Itís very great. Teachers have many stories and activities let me learn.

I like to go to Changjiao to learn English.



Thanks for your teaching me for long time. Iím very happy to study with teachers. In Changjiao, I get many things. There is many good teachers. They are beautiful and smart. They are very kind with us. I love Changjiao. I love English.

I have studied for three weeks in the LSSC. I learn a lot here, like the Olympics and the songs and so on. I think it is very happy to study here, I also make friends with some people. But I think interactive is too few in class and the time arrangement not good enough. And the students are too much. But I like Mr. Liao and young teacher to teach me very much.



Great thankful to my teacher Mr. Liao.

I have learnt something useful during my summer vacation. Learning English with you is very interesting and exciting, and I think you are one of my best teachers. You are very humorous and kind-hearted man. You can help me improve my pronunciation and reading. The most important things is that I like English better now. So thanks again.


                                                                                                                        Yang Zhen

Honorable Mr. Liao

I am delighted to attend summer 2008 of La Salle Study Centre in Changjiao. From the classes Iíve attended, I learnt much knowledge which I didnít know when Iím at my school, including not only the knowledge of the books, but also the knowledge of life. In the class, Mr. Liao taught us in a vivid and humorous way, which made us easier to understand what he taught us. However, sometimes, he taught us the principles of life with a simple expression, but profound in meaning, such as perhaps love.



When my friend told me that I can study English in Changjiao, I felt so excited. My English is bad, itís a good chance for me to improve my English. The first day, because it was the first time I have studied here, I felt a little nervous. Mr. Liaoís class is so different from the teachers in school. His class is lively and funny. It can improve the students studyís passion. The teachers in school always tell us to read fast, but Mr. Liao doesnít, he always tells us to read accurate and rhythmly. It can give us a chance to practise our spoken English. I hope that it will be held next year.

This summer vacation, I went to La Salle to learn English. At the beginning, I felt a little boring, because I dislike English. However, I discovered English is not very boring during this period. I made a lot of friends her. I understood how to spell English words correctly. And I built confidence in English, the teachers were friendly. I had a great time here. The most important thing is I started to love English. I feel very happy.


                   8475      张晨晓

I have learnt English for more that three years in La Salle Study Centre Changjiao.

I am happy that I can come here to learn English. There are so many people want to learn. But, they have no opportunity. Now, Brother David Liao gives me an opportunity. I must study hard!

This summer I came to LSSC to learn English I learn a lot of things in here.

When Mr. Liao teaching the lesson, he made a lot of fun, he always make us laugh, that is good for us to learn the English because that is easy to remember things. He teaches us to sing songs. Let us to open our mouth to read words. Here I learnt a lot of things that I canít learn in school. Now I am nott afraid to open my mouth to read the words or sentences. I can speak a little English. That is what I learnt in here.

In LSSC they let me know there is no royal road to learning. Industry is the parent of success.


                   8559        杨志明

This is the first time I have been to Changjiao. After the first class, I felt Mr. Liaoís method of teaching is very different from my English teacher. His class is so funny, and Mr. Liao showed me the other way to learn English.



This summer, Brother David invited some foreign teachers to teach us, some of them come from America, some from Britain and some from Hongkong.

During the class, Brother David teaches us the basic sounds, then he will let some of us which included me to have a chat with the foreigners that can help us to learn the local language.


                      8537        Liao Ru Xi

I feel very honoured, I can come to Changjiao to learn English, I not only study English, I also learn how to be useful man.


                                                                                                                Qiu Mei Ting

After reading the words of songTry a little kindness, I feel that kindness is a very important thing in our life.


                                                                                                    李展韬    Steven Li

 Changjiao is a good place to study, I would like to seize the opportunity to learn English. Mr. Liao speaking level is my biggest goal.



In the 2008 summer holiday, my grandfather, my grandmother, aunty and younger brother, older brother all go to Dabu, when I come here, the first thing is go to Changjiao and join them to learn English.

Can I come here next year? I donít know. If I come, I will study harder and harder. Because I want to be a teacher!



All good things must come to an end... that better things may begin!!!
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