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About BD Liao by Liao Wenna - 2003




A learned and warm-hearted man.

He is not only a learned and skillful teacher, but also a good-natured and warm-hearted man.  Though he was not born in Changjiao, he has a special feeling about his ancestral home.  And now, he is doing a lot of good things for the children in his ancestral home.  He is Liao Lenian, who is now playing an important part in leading the children to the study of English.

Mr. Liao first came to Chang Jiao from Malaysia in 1996.  After that he often comes back to visit his ancestral home.  It’s not until last year that he started to teach the children of Changjiao English.  Up till now, he has taught the children the subject for many months.  Mr Liao is now in his late fifties, but he looks younger than his age.  He is full of energy and he is very active.  He plans to stay in Changjiao for eight to ten years, during which time he will teach the children English and Computer.

Mr. Liao’s method of teaching English is different from the others.  He does not just teach the students the meaning and the use of English words, he teaches them how to think, too.  This is very important.  It makes the student learn how to use their brains and make good use of the English words.  What’s more, he never gives the students examinations.  He doesn’t want to make the students to judge themselves by marks.  He just treats the students equally and let them know that all of them have a chance to be the best.  So with the help of their teacher, most of the students are very interested in learning English and they learn very fast.  To Mr. Liao’s joy, the children can speak and use English very well now.

Money does not seem to be very important for Mr. Liao.  He teaches the children for free.  He uses his own money to buy papers and books for the children.  He sets up the English and Computer Centre himself.  Mr Liao was offered teaching jobs in China, but he didn’t accept it.  His answer is very simple, if he took the job, he wouldn’t have the chance to teach the children of his ancestral home.  So what a great man he is, no wonder all of the students respect him very much.

Besides English, Mr Liao teaches the students how to be a good person.  He is a kind but very strict teachers, the students should always be polite, if not, they will get punishment from their strict teacher.  So now most of the children have a good manner, though sometimes they are naughty.

Mr Liao has set up a good example to us, all of us should learn from him.  In a word, we should work harder to do more for our ancestral home – Changjiao.

Written by Liao Wenna
16th June 2003

 (* Wenna is a Senior Middle Three student i.e. Upper Six / Form Seven / PreUniversity.  One day she asked me to look at one of her special essays … the above!!!  She has been offered a place at Zhongsan University (Dr. Sun Yat Sun University) in Guangzhou.  BDLiaoFSC


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