Summer 2008 English Reading Programme

Home 001-LSSC-2008.JPG
002-We're ready.JPG
002-We're ready
003-Registration for Summer 08.JPG
003-Registration for Summer 08
004-Political Secretary keeping order.JPG
004-Political Secretary keeping order
005-BD interviews-can't remember.JPG
005-BD interviews-can't remember
006-BD reviewing-think again.JPG
006-BD reviewing-think again
  007-Village Welcome for the Wangs.JPG
007-Village Welcome for the Wangs
008-BD & Wang Chee Seng.JPG
008-BD & Wang Chee Seng
009-Organising the classes.JPG
009-Organising the classes
010-Taking a break.JPG
010-Taking a break
011- WCS-Nightshift.JPG
011- WCS-Nightshift
012-Getting LSSC ready- clean up.JPG
012-Getting LSSC ready- clean up
  013-Making beds.JPG
013-Making beds
014-Temporary shelter as classroom.JPG
014-Temporary shelter as classroom
015 -Temporary Kitchen-DinningHall.JPG
015 -Temporary Kitchen-DinningHall
017-To feed volunteers.JPG
017-To feed volunteers
018-MrsWang tidied up.JPG
018-MrsWang tidied up
  019-Parents helping out.JPG
019-Parents helping out
020-Getting Handbook and Reader ready.JPG
020-Getting Handbook and Reader ready
021-Getting T-shirts ready.JPG
021-Getting T-shirts ready
022-Smile please.JPG
022-Smile please
023-BD-caught clowning.JPG
023-BD-caught clowning
024-Volunteers Arriving.JPG
024-Volunteers Arriving
  025-Leader Mr.ChanTong.JPG
025-Leader Mr.ChanTong
026-Here we are.JPG
026-Here we are
027-That's a lot of luggage.JPG
027-That's a lot of luggage
028-We travel light.JPG
028-We travel light
029-Welcome to LSSC.JPG
029-Welcome to LSSC
030-Comfy enough.JPG
030-Comfy enough
  031-First simple meal.JPG
031-First simple meal
032-First meeting.JPG
032-First meeting
034-Getting to know.JPG
034-Getting to know
035-One another.JPG
035-One another
036-The first day.JPG
036-The first day
  037 -Together.JPG
037 -Together
038-Nice meeting you.JPG
038-Nice meeting you
039-Welcome by Changjiao's village.JPG
039-Welcome by Changjiao's village
040-What's in the pot.JPG
040-What's in the pot
041-Let's dig in.JPG
041-Let's dig in
042-It's all gone.JPG
042-It's all gone
  043-Summer2008-Overseas Volunteers.JPG
043-Summer2008-Overseas Volunteers
044-Summer2008-Staff Photo.JPG
044-Summer2008-Staff Photo
045-Summer08 begins-Traffic Notice.JPG
045-Summer08 begins-Traffic Notice
046-Early birds-Parents Waiting.JPG
046-Early birds-Parents Waiting
047-Summer08 begins.JPG
047-Summer08 begins
048-Morning assembly.JPG
048-Morning assembly
  049-WCS giving instructions.JPG
049-WCS giving instructions
050-Before lesson revision.JPG
050-Before lesson revision
051-WCS supervising.JPG
051-WCS supervising
052-Better be on time.JPG
052-Better be on time
053-Hi there.JPG
053-Hi there
054-BD all ready to go.JPG
054-BD all ready to go
  055--Full House.JPG
055--Full House
056-All eyes.JPG
056-All eyes
057-BD teaching.JPG
057-BD teaching
058-BD encouraging.JPG
058-BD encouraging
059- BD explaining.JPG
059- BD explaining
060-BD emphasing.JPG
060-BD emphasing
  061-Bd challenging.JPG
061-Bd challenging
063-I can read.JPG
063-I can read
064-I can read too.JPG
064-I can read too
065 -BD-The finer points.JPG
065 -BD-The finer points
066-Small group tutoring.JPG
066-Small group tutoring
  067-Hi are you ready.JPG
067-Hi are you ready
068-Please read.JPG
068-Please read
069-Welcome to our group.JPG
069-Welcome to our group
070-OK who wants to start.JPG
070-OK who wants to start
071-Don't worry just read.JPG
071-Don't worry just read
072-All attentive.JPG
072-All attentive
  073-It's the long eeeee.JPG
073-It's the long eeeee
074-Look here.JPG
074-Look here
075-Just like this.JPG
075-Just like this
076-Read after me.JPG
076-Read after me
077-Read this.JPG
077-Read this
078-it's an an.JPG
078-it's an an
  079-Read my name.JPG
079-Read my name
080-It's your turn.JPG
080-It's your turn
081-You did not study.JPG
081-You did not study
082-Well done.JPG
082-Well done
083-Say ay.JPG
083-Say ay
084-You can read.JPG
084-You can read
  085-What's going on__.JPG
085-What's going on__
086-Conversation  for seniors.JPG
086-Conversation for seniors
087-As I was saying___.JPG
087-As I was saying___
088-Juniors teaching.JPG
088-Juniors teaching
089-BD-Forgetting-What was I saying__.JPG
089-BD-Forgetting-What was I saying__
090-Daily staff meeting__.JPG
090-Daily staff meeting__
  091-Tell us more__.JPG
091-Tell us more__
092-We taught well.JPG
092-We taught well
093-Staff training.JPG
093-Staff training
094-We have to learn too__.JPG
094-We have to learn too__
095-What's that__.JPG
095-What's that__
096-You! Not me__.JPG
096-You! Not me__
  097-I guess__.JPG
097-I guess__
098-I feel__.JPG
098-I feel__
099-I realised__.JPG
099-I realised__
100-Oops I forgot__.JPG
100-Oops I forgot__
101-WCS-You learn well__.JPG
101-WCS-You learn well__
  103-After classes__.JPG
103-After classes__
104-Extra help given.JPG
104-Extra help given
105-Extra work .JPG
105-Extra work
106-Assembling stand fans.JPG
106-Assembling stand fans
107-Donated by LSC-HKong.JPG
107-Donated by LSC-HKong
108-Time to relax.JPG
108-Time to relax
  109-Card games .JPG
109-Card games
110-Chinese calligraphy.JPG
110-Chinese calligraphy
111-Not bad.JPG
111-Not bad
112-Put this in.JPG
112-Put this in
114-What's this note.JPG
114-What's this note
  115-Education Dept-Lunch.JPG
115-Education Dept-Lunch
116-All are invited.JPG
116-All are invited
117-WCS-BD-Deputy Director.JPG
117-WCS-BD-Deputy Director
118-One for the record.JPG
118-One for the record
120-Thomas Wong Ssss.JPG
120-Thomas Wong Ssss
  121-LSCOBA-Joseph Lee.JPG
121-LSCOBA-Joseph Lee
122-Special dinner.JPG
122-Special dinner
123-Wow so special.JPG
123-Wow so special
124-Duck's feet.JPG
124-Duck's feet
125-My girl Alecia.JPG
125-My girl Alecia
126-For the record.JPG
126-For the record
  127-New found family.JPG
127-New found family
128-Meals can be fun.JPG
128-Meals can be fun
129-So full.JPG
129-So full
130-Back to simple ordinary meals.JPG
130-Back to simple ordinary meals
131-Oops what's in the soup.JPG
131-Oops what's in the soup
132-It's ok.JPG
132-It's ok
  133-No problem.JPG
133-No problem
134-We have enough.JPG
134-We have enough
135-Night activities.JPG
135-Night activities
136-Follow the leaders.JPG
136-Follow the leaders
137-It's like this.JPG
137-It's like this
138-You're next.JPG
138-You're next
  139-Shall we dance.JPG
139-Shall we dance
140-We can dance.JPG
140-We can dance
141-Let's dance too.JPG
141-Let's dance too
142-Let's limbo.JPG
142-Let's limbo
143-You limbo through.JPG
143-You limbo through
144-Not this way.JPG
144-Not this way
  145-Don't laugh.JPG
145-Don't laugh
146-Laugh please.JPG
146-Laugh please
147-Ha ha ha.JPG
147-Ha ha ha
148-What's this.JPG
148-What's this
150-We are stuck.JPG
150-We are stuck
  151-Break out.JPG
151-Break out
152-Follow the leader.JPG
152-Follow the leader
153-We follow you .JPG
153-We follow you
154-Round and round.JPG
154-Round and round
155-Out visiting.JPG
155-Out visiting
156-Look up please.JPG
156-Look up please
  157-Aren't we pretty.JPG
157-Aren't we pretty
158-BD caught napping.JPG
158-BD caught napping
159-Off we go.JPG
159-Off we go
160-Where are we.JPG
160-Where are we
161-Xi Yan Shan.JPG
161-Xi Yan Shan
162-What a teapot.JPG
162-What a teapot
  163-In a tea cup.JPG
163-In a tea cup
164-Looking down.JPG
164-Looking down
165-Thorn among roses.JPG
165-Thorn among roses
166-Soaking wet.JPG
166-Soaking wet
167-Nice and cool.JPG
167-Nice and cool
168-Aunty Ho relaxing.JPG
168-Aunty Ho relaxing
  169-Fair ladies watching.JPG
169-Fair ladies watching
170-Where are we.JPG
170-Where are we
171-Who is she.JPG
171-Who is she
172-BD interviewed by TV crew.JPG
172-BD interviewed by TV crew
173-Let me explain.JPG
173-Let me explain
174-Please help us translate.JPG
174-Please help us translate
  175-Reporters interviewing volunteers.JPG
175-Reporters interviewing volunteers
176-We are all volunteers.JPG
176-We are all volunteers
177-Huliao's Appreciation banner.JPG
177-Huliao's Appreciation banner
178-Dabu's Appreciation banner.JPG
178-Dabu's Appreciation banner
179-Students witnessing.JPG
179-Students witnessing
180-Time to say goodbye.JPG
180-Time to say goodbye
  181--All Good Things must come to an end.JPG
181--All Good Things must come to an end
182-So that better things may begin.JPG
182-So that better things may begin
183-Come on.JPG
183-Come on
184-Let's Sing.JPG
184-Let's Sing
185-Auld LangSyne.JPG
185-Auld LangSyne
186-Thank you BD.JPG
186-Thank you BD
  187-Thank you Liao Laoshi.JPG
187-Thank you Liao Laoshi
188-Thank you Amanda.JPG
188-Thank you Amanda
189-Thank you Yanting.JPG
189-Thank you Yanting
190-Thank you Will.JPG
190-Thank you Will
191-Goodbye  Volunteers.JPG
191-Goodbye Volunteers
192-Hug hug.JPG
192-Hug hug
  193-Ready to go.JPG
193-Ready to go
194-More hugs.JPG
194-More hugs
195-Going to miss you.JPG
195-Going to miss you
196-Will miss you.JPG
196-Will miss you
197- you too.JPG
197- you too
198-What about me.JPG
198-What about me
  199-Goodbye-That's the way to go.JPG
199-Goodbye-That's the way to go
200-Bye-One final shot.JPG
200-Bye-One final shot
201-MrWang-Local student from Baijiang.JPG
201-MrWang-Local student from Baijiang
202-MrWang-Student from Heilongjiang.JPG
202-MrWang-Student from Heilongjiang
203-BD & grandnieces.JPG
203-BD & grandnieces
204-Hurray it's all over.JPG
204-Hurray it's all over

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